Implementing a robust and repeatable winning sales methodology

Our Bespoke Sales Methodology training focuses on a number of key modules, and a smaller number specifically designed to make salespeople more successful in high value complex sales scenarios.  The objective of our approach is to establish a consistent methodology that gains in-depth insight into the significant opportunities that your sales people are working on today and the significant accounts they want to defend, develop and grow in the future.

Using a structured framework within which the design is bespoke to our customers’ particular requirements, our sales skills development training is focused on live opportunities in the delegate’s sales pipeline.

Our ‘high value complex selling’ modules are;

  • Significant Meeting Management: Preparing and planning for significant customer meeting

  • Significant Opportunity Insight: Establishing winning positions in competitive, high value complex sales opportunities

  • Significant Account Planning: Developing strategies and tactics to acquire, defend and grow significant accounts.

  • Effective Negotiating: Understanding the processes and methodologies involved in maximising the value derived from any given sales opportunity.

The combination of bespoke collateral within a structured framework, ensures that areas such as, your organisation's key performance indicators, sales forecast narrative, target market profile, bid qualification processes and pipeline management process can be designed into the documentation and used to embed the improvements on a long-term sustainable basis.  

In addition, our approach provides a consistent mechanism that establishes repeatable methodologies that provide continued success and support management, virtual team and cross-functional input and review.

To download a more detailed outline of all our sales modules click here.