Many of our customers require us to create ‘bespoke’ content with an exact focus on their issue, but sometimes that approach is simply not necessary. This is where ‘essentials’ comes in to its own. These are short courses, usually no more than one day which cover the essential elements of the subject in discussion. Despite the generic nature, we still deliver the reality of your unique workplace however. All the sessions being designed to work on the actual issues facing your learner in their workplace, using their examples as the case studies throughout. We are sure you will find in here the ‘essential’ topic you are looking for, if not, please speak to anyone of us and we will provide an ‘essential’ or bespoke outline for your particular challenge.

download or print?

It’s a modern world reality that many things simply do not need to be printed. Of course, we may argue that this wouldn’t apply to our photographic book titles, but here we would like you to decide. If you would prefer a pdf version then click the cover image opposite. If you’d like a printed version then drop me an email and i will send one to you, printed beautifully, with tactile soft laminated cover and premium papers. Well we are publishers as well.